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INLEI - FORMA Universal Shields

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The Forma curler is a cross between the classic InLei Only and Only1 curlers (natural curl and perfect curl). 

Every single margin has been created with a precise inclination of the surface to adapt as much as possible to all eye shapes and all types of lashes. It has been tested on all continents, with every thickness and shape of natural hair; it also adapts to the most difficult to treat.

The part that comes into contact with the eyelid is shiny for greater adherence. The external surface (where the lashes are stretched) has two different finishes to experiment with. Each box contains two pairs of curlers with a glossy surface and two pairs with a matte surface. 

The right curler is differentiated from the left one. Its crease-free shape is optimal for working lashes from the shortest to the longest. It gives a curvature that varies according to the length of the starting lashes, it also allows you to correct many defects and shape the look like never before.

They are non-deformable, resistant, soft and enveloping thanks to the highest quality materials. It is a professional tool that with a little experimentation allows you to obtain hundreds of different effects, leaving customers really speechless. They won't believe those are their natural lashes!

The semitransparent green colour and its futuristic profiles immediately catch the eye, therefore they are also perfect for your social media photos!

It is advisable to wash them very well with cleansing soap immediately after removing them from the eye, in order to keep them white for as long as possible. When they become very dark due to repeated use of dyes, they must be thrown away and replaced. Autoclaving can help lighten them. To disinfect them correctly, it is recommended to use a special sanitiser for curlers and professional tools such as Inlei F PLUS.

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Platinum silicone 
  • Universal size 
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INLEI - FORMA Universal Shields