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INLEI - Lash Lift Filler Kit 25.9 (Step 1-4 Bottles) NEW

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Introducing new era of Lash Filler® treatment, InLei® Lash Filler 25.9! 

Form 1 

  • InLei® Form 1 is a highly effective formula that safely and gently penetrates the hair structure of your client's lashes.
  • The pH of this product allows you to quickly and effectively soften the cuticles of the hairs, helping the product perform properly.
  • The creamy solution combined with its thick formulated consistency, allows you to rest assured that it will stay exactly where you place it.

Fix 2

  • InLei® Fix 2 allows you to "secure" the curvature of the hair following the shape of the shield used.
  • Fix 2 prepares the texture of eyelashes for the next step, thanks to its perfectly balanced formula with the correct percentage of the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide.
  • The compact texture of Fix 2 allows for easy and precise application.

Filler 3 

  • InLei® Filler 3's innovative formula allows Microparticles to gently penetrate the inside of the hair. Our InLei® Lash Filler treatment will curl, define, nourish and thicken and reinforce the structure - giving colour, shine and a healthier look to the lashes. Contains Vegetable Keratin – extracted through a cutting-edge fermentation process, it is a perfect alternative to animal keratin - able to provide lashes with strength, flexibility, thickness, and deep nourishment.
  • Vegetable Keratin 18 not only nourishes but also thickness the lashes naturally and effectively, acting as a key element in the thickening process guaranteed by scientific tests

Molecular 4 

  • InLei® Molecular 4 is an innovative no-rinse gel that enhances the beneficial effect of the previous products.
  • It is formulated based on perfectly balanced proteins of vegetable protein, origin rebalances the hair structure, enhancing it in all its aspects: shine, strength, colour retention, firmness and flexibility.
  • The product contains an innovative type of hyaluronic acid, which binds to the hair in a stable way and provides excellent hydration, thus making the hair very soft and silky.

Following the official protocol of the InLei®️ Lash Filler 25.9 treatment it is guaranteed to achieve: 25% thickening, 9% lengthening. But that is not all, combining the treatment with daily use of the InLei®️Adiutrix serum for three months, the lashes can achieve: 28% thickening, 12% lengthening.

View instructions here.

For professional use only. 

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INLEI - Lash Lift Filler Kit 25.9 (Step 1-4 Bottles) NEW